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  • Why every email promotion needs it's own "big idea" and "unique hook" to crush it.
  • Discover the % discount I use to get people over the line (it's probably smaller than you think).
  • The 8 words I use at the end of Email 1 to build anticipation for Launch Day.
  • How to use stories to put your readers in a fictional characters shoes.
  • The 4 P's you need in every close. This will maximize the number of sales you make on Launch Day.
  • Why the foundation of your emails should be "Evergreen".
  • The two things every email lead should contain.
  • How to use the "so what" test to eliminate boring copy forever. This will make your emails FAR more persuasive.
  • The 4 lines you can use to move your readers away from pain and towards their biggest desire.
  • Examples of "open loops". These make your emails more readable. They also keep people hooked onto your every sentence.
  • The simple way to write cliffhangers. This leaves readers itching to get future emails.
  • What effective social proof looks like. How to use "proof by association" to gain authority and credibility.
  •  The one word you can use to "frame" your offer as the perfect solution to your prospects problems. 
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"The couple of different campaigns you wrote are already converting. Quite well actually. Working with you in the last 5-6 weeks has been really simple on my end."

Landon PorterCo-founder Getting Clients Without Being Salesy 

"Between May 15th and May 17th we generated $10,343. We had 4 emails. It was sent out to 453 people. That was the list we launched this campaign to! The open rate was over 70% almost 20%. A little over 20 bucks per email subscriber. Pretty Cool."

Bastian ErnstCEO Wild Audience

"Increased show up rates for webinars. Doubled Conversion Rates."

Natalie FisherCareer Coach

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