I help SaaS companies convert more free trials to customers. With “eureka” onboarding flows.

Converting less than 20% of your SaaS free trials?

With user expectations at an all-time high and countless alternatives to your product, it's tough to stand out from the crowd. 

You've tried every tactic, tool, and trick in the book - from checklists and drip emails to product tours, chatbots, and AI.

No luck. 

Here's the hard truth: scaling your SaaS by acquiring more free trials now is near impossible. 

You need to plug your leaky bucket first. 

And once you do, you’ll tap into a new well of customers worth thousands in lifetime value.

Introducing… “Eureka" Onboarding Flows 

I'll take your prospects from window shoppers to buyers, in three steps...

Desired Outcome

I uncover what each customer segment "hires" your product to do. You gain deep insights into what they actually want. 


Customer Journey

I map out exactly what steps will lead each segment to rapid success with your app. Then architect an onboarding flow around that.



Prospects finally see the value in your product. They get a quick wins during their onboarding experience. And understand how you help them reach their desired outcome.  


The end result is customers who convert faster, pay more upfront, stay longer, pay more over time, and refer others through advocacy. 

Converting just 5-10 more trials per month could significantly improve your ARR. Allowing you to finally scale up faster, hire more staff and compete.

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You're in good company

"Really attract the right consumers and guide them through that sales process. As a result we're able to consistently close over $50,000 packages every month. Just from his engagement and effective copy"

Sean Casto // CEO PreApps

"I've gotten a 20x ROI from Andrew's services. I've used analytics and seen that people have come to my long form article cold, downloaded my content upgrades, gone through my autoresponder sequence and then landed on my page and converted." 

Justin Thomas // CEO Journey Engine

"Easily the work Andrew has done has resulted in maybe $150k in terms of income. Always impressed with his dates, timelines and attention to detail"

Byron Trzeciak // CEO PixelRush

Customers served! 35 +  Happy Clients 

Hi, I'm Andrew Sunil

I spent years honing my craft as a direct response copywriter. In that space, sales speak. You live and die by your results. I found my sweet spot helping SaaS clients go from 7 to 8 figures. I've worked at multiple agencies over seven years helping their clients do just that. I love bringing a sales focus back to SaaS companies. In my free time I like to slow travel, go to techno parties and meditate. 

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