Discover the 3 step “Evergreen Promotions System” that nets my clients an EXTRA 5 figures a month in pure, autopilot profit.
Without big email lists, webinars, complex funnels or strategy calls. All using 4 simple emails sent out every single month.

If you have an email list of over 500 people and you are NOT mailing them a monthly email promotion ...

You are missing out on consistent monthly profit. 

ESPECIALLY if you have a (proven) high-ticket offer. 

Whether you have only one product/service. Or multiple. 

Regardless of what your niche is ...

You basically have a “cash cow” waiting to be milked. 

And once you do?

IF you do it the right way ..

THEN it will become a new source of passive income for you.

Generating 5 (sometimes 6) figures a month in pure, autopilot profit. While building a relationship with your email list.

Not only that, if you use my system, the effects only compound over time. 

They snowball.

Because you will be creating email assets.

So without babbling on any longer .. 

I am going to show you how to tap into the abundant profits in your email list here. So you can create a source of monthly revenue which compounds over time. 

So pay close attention. 

My Name is Andrew Sunil and I frequently get my clients results like this ...

I get my clients sales using my simple Evergreen Promotions System.  

NOT complicated funnels, advanced paid traffic, shiny VSL’s or any of the other tactics being touted by your favourite “Guru”.

Good old email. 

Black text on a white page. Sent to people who have signed up to your list. 

Nothing more. Nothing less.

Need a new source of consistent, reliable income?

Struggling to break even on paid traffic?

Invested thousands into a fancy funnel and not getting results?

This is an all too common story ...

You spend thousands on a fancy funnel.

And .. when you run traffic to it ..

It doesn’t convert!

Maybe you have even hired a FB ads expert to try and get you cheaper clicks ..

But ..

No dice. No profit. 

Well ..

Spending money on a funnel with all the bells and whistles is like having a state of the art gun, without the bullets. 

You will be left firing blanks.


Well. 99% of sales happen in the back-end. AFTER people have gone through your funnel unamused.

That means you need to nurture your list. Consistently.

Send them a weekly email. On the same day, at the same time. Every week.

I recommend every Monday at 10am.

This way your subscribers start expecting to hear from you. You keep the list "hot". And they actually start to look forward to your emails. 

I call these nurturing emails.

These don't try and sell anything. Instead they educate and build buying beliefs.

Then once a month we hit them with a persuasive MONTHLY 3-4 email promotion.

These SELL. 

These are what get your subscribers to take out their credit cards and BUY. Bringing you consistent monthly revenue. 

Here’s what that looks like on a simple "promotions calendar" ..

When these “promotion emails” land in their inboxes you know your subscribers will take action.

They are nurtured and ready. It doesn’t come out of the blue.

The buying beliefs have already been installed. Over time. The promo emails simply get them over the line. 

If you do it right, its not really a "promotion" at all.

It's simply making an offer to your list.

Once a month. 

You are offering them a chance to buy your awesome products / services.

Then "sweetening the deal" to give them a compelling reason to buy.

That's it.

There is magic in simplicity ;)

So ... 

Imagine walking to your favorite coffee shop to meet me ..

You have $1,500 in your pocket.

When you get there we have a couple of Latte’s.

When no-one is looking ..

You hand me the $1,500.

I smile, give you a firm handshake and say ..

“I will be back in a month with your $1,500 plus any profits I have made you.”

I jump in an Uber and head back to my home office ..

When I get there, I fire up my laptop and put on some Rap Music ..

I get to work ?

4 weeks later ..

We sit down at that same cafe and I hand you $10,343.

How would that feel?

Would you be happy?

Well ...

This is real, it happened for one of my clients.

I created a 4 email promotion for one of his digital products.

He hired me for $1,500 per month.

For that I sent out a weekly email to nurture his list.

Then a 3 email promotion to make the sales.

I put all of this into his email service provider for him.

All he had to do was sit back and wait for the sales to come in.

When the promotion went out that month, he made $10,343 from it. From a list of 453 people. (Get those emails here). The month before we made about $9,800. 

That comes out to about $22 per email subscriber. Per month. 

The average for most lists is supposed to be around $1 per month per subscriber. So my numbers are around 22 times higher than most. 

However. I am NOT saying this is normal. I am certainly not saying its super easy to replicate. Or that its possible to achieve these figures in every niche. 

BUT ...

Even if you get $2 per name. You will be doing double the norm. 

The reason my earnings per subscriber are so high is because I understand short term cash flow AND the long game. 

You need both. 

This is where the real money is. You make money from day one, but generate high-profits over the long term as well. I designed the Evergreen Promotions System to do exactly that. 

Consistent. Monthly. Profit. 

Autopilot lead nurturing ...

Autopilot sales ...

After. I made these "promotions" Evergreen. This way every new lead that comes into your funnel goes through the same proven promotions.

This is how it compounds.  

New leads start getting the promotions automatically as an autoresponder. I do this with automation. (I set this up so they only get the promotions when they are ready AND it is appropriate. More about this if we talk on the phone).

This can be you.

If you want it.

If you have the confidence to step up and let me handle this for you.

So ...

If you think you deserve to make a 3,348% ROI on your money ...

Let’s talk.

For $1,500 per month you get 4 lead nurturing emails (these go out every week on Monday at 10am). And a 3 email promotion to generate sales (these go out in the third week of the month, T/W/F). 

A total of 7 emails.

4 nurturing emails.

3 sales emails.

I put all of this into your email service provider for you.

This way you automate the whole email lead nurturing / sales side of your business.

I create a new source of passive income for you.


Hand the  entire responsibility over to me - now you are acting like a true entrepreneur.

Think our first month as a test.

We are checking the temperature of your email list.

So, you ONLY pay me if we make more sales than my fee. There is literally NO RISK on your part whatsoever.

Sound good?


Hit the "Apply To Work With Me" button below. Then fill out the application form (it will take you less than 2 minutes).

If we are a fit ..

I will shoot you a link to my calendar and we will have a chat :)

Fill out the application form, its the first step to a new revenue stream for your business ..

We are creating email assets that will make you money every single month.

Can’t beat that.

It’s possibly the highest ROI investment you can make for your business. 

Still not convinced?

Here’s some more proof for you. Testimonials of people saying cool things about me ..

Let’s start making you monthly sales on autopilot ...

Hit the green button below ...

Its the first step to autopilot email profits ...


1. Will this work if I only have one product/service?

Yes. We can promote the same product/service every single month. We just have to be clever about how. Using bonuses, discounts, etc.

2. I haven't mailed my list a promotion before. Will they freak out?

No. The nurturing emails will make sure they are prepared for the first promotion :)

3. Why do you only send one nurturing email per week?

This is what I've seen to work best. Daily emails work better for membership sites or recurring revenue offers. 

4. I have a membership site or recurring revenue offer - will this work?

Yes. Certainly. You may need more frequent emails though. Fill out the application above and if you are a fit we can talk about that.