I’ll Build You A Crossbound Sales Funnel. That’ll Generate $5,000 – $15,000+ P/M Dream Clients For Your Marketing Agency. On Autopilot.

Does This Sound Like You?

😟 You’re at the mercy of referrals. If they dry up, you’re royally shafted 

😟 Your current clients are great. But you could do with 1 - 2 quality retainers to further boost your MRR

😟 You’ve spent thousands on a paid traffic funnel but it doesn’t convert

😟 You feel like your Outbound sales efforts are spammy, annoying and highly ineffective

😟 You don’t have a predictable way to secure new clients for your marketing agency 

😟 You have no idea of your numbers. Which Inbound / Outbound efforts produce what result

You Need A Predictable, Client-Attraction System You Can Rely On. With Results You Can Track.

I can build you a Crossbound Sales Funnel. A 24/7, highly persuasive salesperson who:

😊 Differentiates your agency from the “jack of all trades” master of none cowboys (let them know how special and unique you are!)

😊 Sells your service around the clock (when prospects get on a sales call they’re already pre-sold. Objections squashed. Prepare to hear the phrase “when can we start”.... a lot)

😊 Speaks directly to your ideal clients pain points while building beliefs that you are the best Marketing Agency for the job

😊 Leads with value so your reputation is always protected (your 24/7 salesman is extremely calibrated and socially aware)

😊 Is an Evergreen Asset (your new funnel will never go out of style. It’ll work 10 years from now)

I’ve Built Funnels For Dozens Of Marketing Agencies + Businesses To Date

Really attract the right consumers and guide them through that sales process. As a result we're able to consistently close over $50,000 packages every month. Just from his engagement and effective copy
I've gotten a 20x ROI from Andrew's services. I've used analytics and seen that people have come to my long form article cold, downloaded my content upgrades, gone through my autoresponder sequence and then landed on my page and converted.
Between May 15th and May 17th we generated $10,343. We had 4 emails. It was sent out to 453 people. That was the list we launched this campaign to! The open rate was over 70% almost 20%. A little over 20 bucks per email subscriber. Pretty Cool.

How It Works

Building and launching your funnel happens in three phases. Each phase takes one month. 

Phase 1 - Research and Discovery 

[a] Getting to know your Agency

✔ Comprehensive Questionnaire: Gives me the nitty gritty info I need to differentiate your services

✔ 1 Hour Zoom call: We run through your questionnaire. I’ll ask further questions on it. Helps me understand your brand and voice. Also useful for gathering stories and anecdotes which produce better copywriting

✔ Punchy, concise 1 line USP + Unique Mechanism for your Marketing Agency

[b] Creating A Customer Avatar

✔ We decide which Avatar to target

✔ All marketing material will address that Avatar’s pain points 

✔ Detailed sensory chart of their pain points (seeing, feeling, touching, hearing)

[c] Building A Belief Map

✔ A chain of beliefs that prove you are the best marketing agency (use these to write a powerful email autoresponder or sales page)

Phase 2 - Asset Building

✔ [Asset 1] Crossbound Blog post. A top of the funnel asset that will attract and convert leads. on Outbound and Inbound channels. A chunky 4,000 piece of content that your ideal prospects will be dying to consume. Complete with compelling content upgrades. This will be passed around your industry. 

✔ [Asset 2] Relationship Builder Email Sequence: A nurturing series that builds beliefs around your agency. Leads discover your USP and Unique Mechanism. By the end they won’t want to work with anyone else!

✔ [Asset 3] A Call Booking Sales Page: Like this one! Where prospects learn a little more. Then finally book a call with you. If they do? They’ll arrive on the phone fully pre-sold and ready to go.

Phase 3 - Traffic and New Clients

✔ I set everything up on your website and email autoresponder

✔ [Outbound Traffic]: 

  • I build you a list of 250 dream clients 
  • For the clients who are on LinkedIn. I create compelling outreach copy and a custom playbook for running a simple campaign 
  • For the clients who aren’t. My team will create personalized cold emails you can send to each one

✔ [Inbound Traffic]: I’ll direct you to paid traffic experts. They are familiar with my funnels and how to direct hot traffic to your funnel. 

Pricing + Package Options


Phase 1 Only 



  • I'll develop a USP and Unique Mechanism for your Agency
  • Customer Avatar Dossier
  • Belief Mapping

All Three Phases 



  • Everything from Phases 1 and 2
  • Complete Funnel Setup
  •  Outbound outreach strategy for dream 250 clients
  • Personalized, compelling LinkedIn and cold email messages
  • Referral to my paid traffic partners