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My Name is Andrew Sunil. Welcome to my world. 

I help online businesses sell their products / services using email promotions.

My promotions are 3-4 emails long. 

They go out on a Fri/Mon/Tuesday.

(usually in the third week on the month .. but it depends on the client ..)

The cart opens on Friday. Closes on Tuesday.

By the end of Tuesday ..

You have more money than you had on Friday.

Simple as that. 

After the promotion is finished?

We make it Evergreen.

I put in into your Email Service Provider and ..

It becomes an Autoresponder .. 

An email “asset”.

This means that every new lead will get the promotion automatically.

I set it up so it only gets triggered when they are ready for it using lead scoring.

(I will tell you more about exactly how I do this  if we talk on the phone ..

This ensures they only get it when they are engaged enough.

Pretty cool.

Anyhoo ..

Below is the video I promised you ..

It’s where I walk you through the emails I used to make my client $10,343 from a list of only 453 people.

You can find the email templates below the walk-through video.

Adapt them and make some sales!

One last thing ..

I offer a Done-For-You service.

I create these monthly promotions for you ..

Then send them to your list, so you can make sales on autopilot.

Hit the button below to discover more about that ..

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